Free data sources: normalized benchmarking (age-gender curves) for healthcare in the US; the geographic variation of healthcare spend; continuance tables for the commercially insured (representing 8M lives) with methodologies.

Companies I work with/promote: Quizzify, Lively HSA, HealthVerity

Stuff I’ve written (AJMC)When Employee Healthcare Costs Move StocksIt’s Time We Rethink Health Insurance; The Value of Health Insurance BrokersKaiser Survey Data Offer More Reasons to Rethink Health Risk Assessments

Services & Studies:

  • Benchmarking of plan designs, values, and industry practices
  • Audits of programs and vendors (is value>price?)
  • The true cost of telemedicine
  • Who wins with direct primary care?
  • Chinese electronic patient management software and China’s 2030 healthcare goals
  • Insights into employer healthcare funding strategies: separating fact from fiction
  • Where NPS fails: a new healthcare measurement for customer satisfaction
  • medical insurance structure and incentives
  • Data for employees on how to negotiate higher pay with a job offer to make up for dollar benefit differences

Earnings Season Research: reports of earnings summaries and market-moving trends for healthcare companies: insurance companies, tech, device makers, pharmaceuticals, facilities, consultants, and brokers. Available February, May, August, and November.

Stuff I’m reading (Updated March 2019): PwC’s 2019 medical trend report; First do no harm (state of WA report); improving the NPS; 10Ks from lots of publicly traded healthcare companies, and a few others; All things HSAs; Kleiner Perkins 2018 Internet trends; Buffett’s Alpha; Stop-loss industry reports; The Bed of Procrustes; all I can about Direct Primary Care (send me all you have); Mastering the Market Cycle; All things about healthcare in China; Where Does All the Money Go: Shifts in Household Spending Over the Past 30 Years.