Paytient HSA-OOP Modeler

Demographic Information
Your current age
Current Health Plan
Gold plans typically have deductibles of around $1,500, Silver $2,500, and Bronze $4,000. Most are enrolled in Gold or Silver coverage.
Modeling Variables
Medical Utilization
Annual out-of-pocket cost scenario based on low (bottom 20%), average, and high (top 5%) users for current health plan and demographic info.
Expected Annual Out-of-Pocket Costs
Expected costs based on age/gender, and current health insurance coverage
Current HSA Balance
Current HSA dollars saved
Annual HSA Contributions
Total dollars from you and your employer. $1,000 to $3,000 are the typical ranges. IRS has 2021 contributions caps for $3,600 for those under 55, and $4,600 for >55. Family contribution limits are 2x higher.
HSA Investment
New dollars available for HSA investment, net of modeled out-of-pocket costs
Long-Term Growth in HSA Contributions
Assumed annual increase in HSA investment contributions from now till age 65 (Medicare eligibility)
Real Annual HSA Return
Real rate of return (after assumed healthcare inflation of 4.5%)
In 5 Yrs
In 10 Yrs
Age 65
*doesn't reflect tax savings

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