Olavi Group, LLC was founded by Joseph Andelin and is a research and consulting firm with expertise in healthcare and finance.

joe@olavigroup.com | info@olavigroup.com

Current research topics of interest and consulting areas:

    • Uses and sources of unique healthcare data sets
    • Health Savings Account Industry (Market, Growth, Acquisition Multiples, Value)
    • Contributor to The American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC)
    • China healthcare, informational services, and the country’s 2030 healthcare initiatives
    • Financial and healthcare literacy
    • Research (equity, healthcare, vendor selection)
    • White papers and reporting strategies for employer-sponsored programs
    • The real value of medical price transparency
    • Expert in Kaiser Foundation Employer Survey insights beyond the headlines (Dec 2018 updated with new data)
    • Audits of ROI logic for ancillary vendor programs