Deeper Form 5500 Insights

Form 5500 insights require more than a database or a slick UI. We’ve supplemented public data and analyzed it to draw industry insights on relative financial wellness metrics, employee pay, firm culture, fees, welfare plan details, and much more.

Get an Edge with Unique use cases

Financial Wellness

Relative star ratings on workforce financial fragility, evidence of pay differences, and culture, based on tens of thousands of firms across industries, sizes, and regions, and metro areas. 

Targeted Lists

Example: “Show me all new 5500 signers (the decision-makers new at their roles) with their contact information, for firms with 100-1000 employees that have a Cigna medical plan and are growing faster than peers.”


We use Google Cloud and Looker to put quick and scalable solutions at your fingertips. All with an option for a custom portal and secure login.

Sample View of Financial Wellness Rankings

Bespoke Analytics


A free 15 min Consultation

Discuss your needs and challenges with a free data consultation. Our data include 600k+ firms, 20 sectors, 90 industries, health insurers, 401k admins, brokers, emails if needed, and more, across CBSAs and states.


We mold to your needs

We adapt our data to your needs and objectives. Scalability first means satisfying your unique needs.


One-Time or Ongoing

One-time csv file or a custom portal with a secure login. Costs start at $1,500 with additional fees for a custom portal, and by fields with emails for key contacts.

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