Valuing My Healthcare Insurance Benefits

Dollars and Deductibles drive the value of a health insurance package

Case Study: Charles Schwab

An employee with single coverage contributes $1,350/year via payroll

The firm gives $500 in HSA dollars

The health plan selected has a $1,350 deductible with a $2,900 annual maximum

The full health insurance package is middle of the road, close to the median compared to 87 other jumbo finance firms

$584 in extra HSA dollars, lower payroll contributions, or changes to benefit design would make it a top decile package
Charles Schwab Example
"I used this tool to benchmark a job offer's benefits and I negotiated $5,000 more in pay to make up the difference in the high payroll contributions. Thank you!"
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Valuing My Healthcare Benefits
Summary of Benefits
Firm Name
Coverage Tier
Single or family coverage
Annual Payroll Contributions
Annual employee-paid premiums
Annual Firm HSA/HRA
Annual company dollars toward health savings account or health reimbursement arrangement
Patient costs before insurances kicks in
Out-of-pocket maxium
Maximum annual costs to the patient or family
Plan Value
The approximate average percentage of total costs that insurance pays, or actuarial value (largely driven by deductible and OOP max).
Comparison firm count
vs. Benchmark
Normalizes all plans to gold level coverage (80% plan value) and adds payroll contributions less any HSA/HRA funds.
Top 25%
Top 10%
Source: Trended Kaiser 2018 and 2020 employer survey plus proprietary employer data. Version 1.5, March 2021.