JP Morgan’s $100 Million

At the center of this 1918 picture is John Pierpont Morgan, JP Morgan, the founder of the eponymous firm (now JPMorgan Chase & Co.) who helped bail out the US government during the panic of 1893. I wish I could say the photobombing kid was my grandpa. That would be a great family story. Today […]

What Bartleby Says

It’s a fine day for the people who care about this sort of stuff when the topic of corporate wellness makes the year’s first edition of The Economist. New resolutions for a new year surely had something to do with the timing. The Bartleby column is out with The spy who hired me. More heat […]

A Wellness Alternative

  If gym memberships are a waste of wellness dollars (see Rand Study and IL Wellness study) , why not give a smaller after-tax amount for people to spend on what they want. One idea is equipment. Give employees $150 to buy running shoes, ski poles, yoga pants, entry fees to races, or new mountain […]

Corporate Goodwill

A study published in NBER last month has some interesting implications on workplace wellness programs. While only a one year study, it’s unique since it’s the only comprehensive randomized controlled trial on wellness. 1) There are diminishing returns on wellness incentives and it is lower than most think (after around $200 there isn’t much of […]