Read The Footnotes

70% of people don’t read beyond the headlines. I don’t know if this is true or where I saw it but it feels right. Footnote reading has got to be a rare sport. Perhaps one in a hundred do that. Some deep understanding requires footnote experience. We’re overloaded with a world run by clicks and […]

The Most Important Signal

In a sea of experiences, AI, and new solutions claiming to make us healthier, when it comes to employer-sponsored healthcare, for most employees, what matters most is the almighty dollar. The cash we pay is king. Payroll contributions. That’s the critical number. Independent of insurance structure, whose logo is on your insurance card, network types, […]

Open Enrollment Tips

It’s the time of year for leaves, baseball, and 30-page open enrollment guides*. If you’re a prospective employee, “we offer benefits” doesn’t have the precision on the scale of value as does a first class flights to Europe. “We offer a free first class direct flight to London. Travel dates and times are flexible. Towels […]

Lawson’s Laws

We’re in the season of reading and quoting executives. There’s Amazon’s letter from Jeff Bezos on customer-centricity, Jamie Dimon’s on employees, customers, and better regulations, Buffett’s on the tailwinds of America’s economic machine. Jeff Lawson, CEO and co-founder of Twilio, has his own words to add. His company “enables developers to build, scale and operate […]

Who’s To Blame?

Hardbacks are supposed to sell for more. They cost more to make, are studier, and look cooler. Elisabeth Rosenthal’s An American Sickness is now on Amazon, with the hardcover edition priced at a 38% discount to the paper version. What gives? Dig a little deeper and not being part of prime ($5 more for slower […]