The Case for Better Benchmarking

The Firestick has 11 buttons, with one huge on/off button. It’s a joy to use. If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, unnecessary complexity is crude and confusing, lazy or purposeful, part of the conspiracy against the outsiders. The age of the metaphorical 3 remotes with 150 buttons of equal sizes still exists. Benchmarking healthcare benefits […]

Financial Broccoli

Kellogg tells you their cereal is natural and has whole grains. There are no broccoli lobbyists or marketers (other than moms). Some good things do need reminders. One trigger for some of my favorite healthcare and financial housekeeping tips starts with a fresh door: a new job. Switching Jobs Over a 10 year period, an […]

Arbitrage and the Advice We Give

In March the gap between London and New York gold prices jumped to $60 per ounce, 40 times the typical spread of $1.50 per ounce. In times of fear, investors prefer to have their gold in New York. These extreme arbitrage opportunities have short windows. Arbitrage is one of my favorite words and economic ideas. […]

Healthcare Data Collaboration

Times of stress and crises heighten the senses, clear travel calendars, and renew our focus. For those on the business side of healthcare working on benefits purchasing, data, or analytics, this is a great moment to collaborate, to share and seek out data sets to help your clients and business. The clouds of the internet […]

Amazon’s Health Benefits

Last year I posted a question on Quora asking what healthcare benefits and cost sharing were like at Google. A few answers of the “it’s private” or “No, I can’t say” variety soon surfaced. They have sense been oddly scrubbed from the site. Why the secrecy? Rich benefits are a given at Google. Time spent […]