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The Case for Better Benchmarking

The Firestick has 11 buttons, with one huge on/off button. It’s a joy to use.

If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, unnecessary complexity is crude and confusing, lazy or purposeful, part of the conspiracy against the outsiders. The age of the metaphorical 3 remotes with 150 buttons of equal sizes still exists.

Benchmarking healthcare benefits can cost $800/month for subscriptions, or thousands to wade through 50-100 page PDFs with details on pet insurance–very fine print compared to the 72-point font of the few key drivers. It’s akin to working 3 expensive remotes with 150 buttons of equal size.

A simpler version is here. It includes employee contributions to premiums, the first deductible we all pay. Am I achieving Tesla benefits for Hyundai prices? It’s all one page.

Disclosures: my personal healthcare coverage is a $5,000 deductible cost-sharing plan (non-ACA compliant). Healthcare investments: Cigna, Fitbit (pending deal close by Google), HealthEquity, Teladoc (short via long puts).

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