September’s Index

As a nod to the clever and entertaining Harper’s index, here is September’s healthcare and finance index.


The decline in 2nd quarter hospital admissions for HCA Healthcare: 20%1

The decline in emergency room visits in the same quarter: 33%

The number of times Covid-19 was mentioned in HCA’s second-quarter earnings report: 70

The 2nd quarter increase in payments per stay: 10%

The fiscal year 2019 increase in costs for charity care compared to 2017: 153%

The income ceiling for a family of four to be eligible for charity care2 for non-elective procedures: $100,000

Total yearly direct costs of uncompensated care3: $1.5B

Uncompensated care costs as a percentage of billed charges: 12%

New Health Savings Accounts since 2011: 23,000,000

2019 HSA assets: $66b

The all-in cost of a telehealth visit for Teladoc (ticker: TDOC): $100

TDOC’s 2019 free cash flow after adding back stock compensation: -$48m

The lowest cost option on GoodRx’s telehealth platform: $25

The decline in monthly active customers on GoodRx for April: 10%

2019 free cash flow: $80,000,000

Reported dollars saved patients since 2011: $20 billion

The dollar difference of a healthcare benefits package for family coverage for an employee of a large service company; the gap between the top 10% and the bottom 10%: $8,400

The change in mortgage refinance volume in the US vs. last year: 200%

Percentage of Vanguard retirement participants who put all of their retirement savings into a single target-date fund: 54

Average plan asset allocation to target-date funds: 59%

In 2008: 7%

Median savings retirement contribution rate for 2019: 10%.

in 2015: 10%



Disclosures: my personal healthcare coverage is a $5,000 deductible cost-sharing plan (non-ACA compliant). Healthcare investments: Cigna, Fitbit (pending deal close by Google), HealthEquity, Teladoc (short via long puts).


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  1. HCA is one of the largest hospitals in the US with 186 hospitals and 122 surgery centers
  2. collections are not sought for chartity care
  3. “charity care, uninsured discounts and implicit price concessions”
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