September’s Index

As a nod to the clever and entertaining Harper’s index, here is September’s healthcare and finance index.   The decline in 2nd quarter hospital admissions for HCA Healthcare: 20% The decline in emergency room visits in the same quarter: 33% The number of times Covid-19 was mentioned in HCA’s second-quarter earnings report: 70 The 2nd […]

January’s Index

A new year and a new decade call for a refresh of the monthly index of interesting stats and blurbs on healthcare and finance. Inspired by the Harper’s index. Enjoy. The estimated median % increase in earnings per share an S&P 1,000 firm by saving 10% on employee healthcare costs: 1.2% Reported healthcare savings two […]

September’s Index

This month’s index, inspired by the Harpers index, touches on charity care, gross margins, stock valuation metrics for three healthcare firms, sample UK health costs, algorithms, machine learning, and big data (just kidding on the last 3). The cost of charity and other uncompensated care as a percentage of total revenue at HCA hospitals in […]

June’s Index

This month’s index looks at turnover among the Forbes 400, 401k allocations, healthcare spend skews, bubbles, house sizes, cash flow per hospital bed, hospital returns on capital, the popularity of health and financial search terms, and more. Percentage of listees or heirs from the 1982 Forbes 400 list to be bumped off by 2014: 71%. […]

May’s Index

This month’s index covers housing inflation in San Francisco, airline costs, tulip prices relative to wages, and a potpourri of numbers on healthcare. Housing units in San Francisco in 1980: 316,608 Housing units in 2014: 386,610 Relative growth per year: <1% Median monthly rent in San Francisco for a one bedroom apartment: $3,700 Monthly rent […]