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January’s Index

A new year and a new decade call for a refresh of the monthly index of interesting stats and blurbs on healthcare and finance. Inspired by the Harper’s index. Enjoy.

The estimated median % increase in earnings per share an S&P 1,000 firm by saving 10% on employee healthcare costs: 1.2%

Reported healthcare savings two years into the JPMorgan Chase-Berkshire Hathaway-Amazon healthcare joint venture initiative known as Haven: N/A

The number of bonds in the foreign fixed income allocation of the Vanguard 2040 Target-Date Fund: 6,000+

Allocation of that fund towards Germany: 10%

The interest rate on a 30-year 2050 German government bond: 0%

Market share of US-based unicorns (private tech firms valued at >$1B+): 49%

US population as % of world’s population: 4.25%

The ratio of US global unicorn market share to US population: 11.5x

In Germany: 1.7x

The typical variation in insurance-based total costs for flu shots: 3x

Median savings on generic drugs as dispensed through direct primary care: 70%*

The expected deductible increase required to offset a 10% increase in healthcare costs (assuming a $1000 baseline deductible): 3x

The variable with the greatest impact on health plan enrollment in employer health plans (take-up rates): payroll contributions

The decrease in the take-up rate from a bi-monthly payroll increase of $42.00: 8%**

An employee’s annual dollar cost for the bottom 10th percentile platinum benefits package for family coverage while working for a large services company: $7,700

For the top 10% most generous: $700

Number of views this great by dry video on valuing a healthcare benefits package has gotten after 1 month: 13.

Number of credit unions offering health savings accounts (HSAs): 851

Market share of top 3 HSA providers: 47%

Typical cash yield on HSA balances: 10 basis points

Annual yield from an online savings account such as American Express: 170 basis points

Total estimated invested HSA balances in 2019: $13B

401(k) assets: >$6T

*Savings based on the 20 most frequent generic prescription for two DPC practices representing over 3,000 patient lives vs. the 2nd lowest GoodRx price.

**(single coverage, 95% CI, 8% +/- 2%, P<.001; source; analysis of kaiser employer healthcare data).

Disclosures: my personal healthcare coverage is a $5,000 deductible cost-sharing plan (not ACA compliant). Healthcare investments: long CI, HQY; short (via puts): LVGO. My HSA account is with Lively.


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