Employees and Their Benefits

In November 2018 we did a survey on employee benefits. One lesson, people don’t really like surveys, even if offered a $50 amazon gift card through a raffle. Below is a summary of the 6-question, 3-minute survey on employees and their benefits:

Virtually all respondents listed low premiums as the thing they most appreciated about their benefits. The second most common response was network access to doctors.

2/3 of respondents are satisfied with their benefits and the employer subsidies offered.

Over 70% agree that it would be important to know how their company’s dollar contributions stack up relative to their industry.

80% agree that it would be important to know how their company’s plan designs compare to their industry.

80% say having an abbreviated 1-2 page open enrollment guide would be helpful.

Cost comparisons for care, help understanding coverage, plan selection assistant, and help with ancillary benefits, are the tools and information wanted most through open enrollment and through the year.

Employees need better tools and concierge help to navigate the healthcare landscape as well as a simpler open enrollment experience with information and benchmarks on the competitiveness of their benefits package. This can help engage all users, healthy and sick.

We are able to provide comprehensive benchmarking of plans and contributions by industries, geographies, and company size, as well as consulting on how to make a better open enrollment guide.

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash



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