Health Savings Accounts And Promotion

What companies say and don’t say says a lot about what they do. What do vendors say about Health Savings Accounts (the triple-tax savings accounts, or the 401k+ of healthcare) and how they’re promoted by the brokers and consultants? These often decide which vendor is chosen amidst the fragmented market for the 20M+ Americans who have these accounts.

  • Optum (UHC): We’re No. 1.
  • UMB Financial: “Healthcare solutions that make you look good.
  • HealthEquity: “Offer your clients a comprehensive, convenient CDH solution.”
  • HSA Bank: “Account-based benefits offer insurance agents the opportunity to bolster your client offerings.
  • HSA Authority: “The HSA Authority is committed to helping you sustain successful relationships with your clients.”
  • Benefit Wallet: We’ve been around a long time. “We have offered spending account services since the inception of HSAs in 2004.”
  • Lively HSA: “Health Savings Accounts, simplified.”


When fees, interest rates, and investment choices are similar across competitors, features, convenience, and incentives matter most.

Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash