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January’s Healthcare Index

Inspired by the monthly Harper’s Index, this is 2019’s first index on healthcare and finance.

The average ratio of Medicaid-to-Medicare payments spending across the US across all services: .72; In CA: .52.

The factor by which commercial insurance payments exceed the reimbursements from Medicare: 1.88x

The net assets of HCA, the largest publicly-traded hospital in the US: negative $13.3B; revenue: $46B; free cash flow yield: 5%.

Free cash flow yield of Bank of America: 11.5%.

10-year annualized return of the S&P 500 Healthcare Sector Index: 12.8%; of the S&P 500: 11.3%.

Google trend on search for the term “social determinants of health”, Sept 2018: 100 (100 being the highest); Sept 2008: 30.

The ratio by which a 64-year old’s healthcare costs exceed those of a 21 year-old: 5.6x; Premium variation under community-rated ACA plans in NY and VT: 1x.

Generic drugs as a percentage of all prescriptions in the US: 86%; as a percentage of costs: 26%; change in prices of generic drugs between 2008 and 2016: -74%; change in brand drug prices: 208%

The percentage of firms that offer only a high deductible health plan (HDHP): 10%; the average deductible for this group, after company health savings contributions: $1,200; HDHP enrollment as a percentage of total: 29.

The dollar difference (90th vs. 10th percentiles) in firm contributions to healthcare premiums for a single employees working for large service companies: $3,900.

The percentage of US adults who have a proficient state of health literacy: 12.

The number of Wellness or Wellbeing companies validated for outcomes measurement by The Validation Institute: 1.

The average single deductible for the 1-2M unsubsidized ACA enrollees: $4,500; for 155M+ employer-sponsored coverage: $1,573.

The reduction in the likelihood of searching for prices of healthcare services once a deductible is met: 90%.

Assets at The Vanguard Group, founded by John Bogle who passed away this week: $5.3T; average expense ratio: .0011.

The decline in Castlight’s (CSLT) share price since the 2014 IPO peak: 93.4%.

China’s healthcare expenditures as a percentage of GDP: 5.3%; current annual growth: 15-20%.

The number of annual visits and beds at the Sichuan Hospital in Chengdu, China: 7,500,000/4,500.