$300 Questions

There are things you Google: the population of Dubai, the weather, or quotes on insurance*. There are deeper inquiries: what’s a firm’s adjusted return on equity over time, management’s scorecard from share-buyback timing, what a hospital’s collections have been over time, the ROI of telemedicine, a hidden fact or tips on a contact for an academic paper on Wellness. There are likely more than a dozen times per year you’d pay $300+ for info like that.

These are $300 questions and have inspired me to launch a new side of my business: micro-consulting. $300 increments for the data questions, insights, and sources of information.

For example:

  • I’m starting a new job, can I negotiate higher pay based on benefit differentials in healthcare and 401k? There’s a solution for that. Read here on Amazon’s benefits and see this video on Charles Schwab’s.
  • What are the hospital ratings near my direct primary care practice, which hospitals charge most, and which have higher rates of complications from bed sores?
  • Do the trends in the allowance for doubtful accounts for hospitals give me insight into discounts hospitals may offer?
  • What BI tools for healthcare analysis give me 80% of what I want at a much lower cost.
  • A Venn diagram of firms that have both struggled in the stock market and have high healthcare costs relative to earnings.

Email me with any questions at [email protected]. Payment is easy via Stripe. I have over 35,000 words of content and posts on my site and the search field at the bottom of the site can help guide you.

*Financial terms, at $50+, are the most valuable keywords

Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

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