Healthcare Data Collaboration

Times of stress and crises heighten the senses, clear travel calendars, and renew our focus. For those on the business side of healthcare working on benefits purchasing, data, or analytics, this is a great moment to collaborate, to share and seek out data sets to help your clients and business.

The clouds of the internet are flexing their muscles. I’ve set up sharing for public and private data sets via Google BigQuery. Some examples are tables on hospital quality, procedure codes, inpatient/outpatient cost info, age-gender scores for medical/Rx utilization, and more. It’s free¬†but if data use goes up there may be a fee. Users can query tables, connect with a preferred visualization tool, export data, and use Google’s Data Studio.

If you’re interested in access to the data sets or in contributing data (all HIPAA compliant) send me a note at [email protected] and we can set up a 15-minute call.
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